Associate Professor

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Accessibility, and Computing Education


Research Interests: Usability, Usefulness, Human-Centered Design, Information Behavior, Embodiment, Human and Nonhuman Perception, De-Centering Design, Anthropocene

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Meredith Castles (University of Tasmania, Australia)

Dr. Devorah Kletenik (Brooklyn College), Associate Professor

Dr. Ruth West (University of North Texas), Professor

Ph.D. Students

Siyao Cheng

Research Interests: Copyright Literacy and Education, Information Behavior, Cultural Heritage

Advisor: Dr. Melissa Ocepek

Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, UX Research Education Technology, Technology-Enhanced Accessibly, and Learning Sciences

Research Interests: AI Ethics, Usable Security and Privacy, Inclusive Design, HCI

M.S. Students

Kevin Baez (Northeastern Illinois University)

Justin Chen

Chunyu Liu

Aleksandra Peric (Northeastern Illinois University)

B.S. Students

Melissa Delgado (Northeastern Illinois University)

Daniela Raudales Reyes (Northeastern Illinois University)

Jocelyn Sotelo (Northeastern Illinois University)